Tikanga vs Policy

In this korero snippet, we look at the positive aspects that has brought about positive changes within the psyche of many of our whanau and made for a more progressive mindset to do for ourselves when our current living conditions fail us 

Join us today as we catch up with one of our kaiwhakahaere o tetahi HNC and she shares her experience of enacting their Hapu tikanga in spite of Trustees resistance to open up the Marae doors, support the whanau kaupapa of their tangihanga, and determination to not allow the gathering of whanau to farewell the young nephew.
A korero on how the Hapu can overcome political policies and band together to enact and exercise their tikanga.

12:31 minute duration
Featured on Homepage 2022 Feb 19th – 26th

2 thoughts on “Tikanga vs Policy

  1. Tena koutou as a new Hapu within the Hapu Native Council organisation we are happily reading and rereading the information and trying to absorb it while helping others of our Hapu to understand. We listen to the korero that others have experienced while on court or on the Marae all encouraging. Though wonder how we can use this information to deal with our problemsbe it with Councils or MLCourt. Ma te wa ka mojito Kia ora

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