The Hapu Resolution Process

The hapu process is the method we use to resolve our issues using kawa and tikanga. It is the method used by the tupuna and it is still known by many tangata-whenua, so therefore all we have to do is follow their methods, processes and examples.

When an issue of significance arises, the whanau/hapu gather in hui (normally down at the marae), to discuss the matter. They determine the issue according the their kawa and tikanga and make considerations upon the matter. In days of old, when the determinations were complete, the hapu would implement their decisions and the matter would be resolved. However, in our days, we have the Courts coming in and over-ruling the decision of the Hapu.

In order to nullify this action, the hapu process has had to implement further processes, and that entails establishing the Hapu Native Council and furthermore, coming together with the National Collective of Native Councils.

The Hapu determinations can now be applied by using the Native Council status and the Courts under sworn oath of Law are no longer able to over-rule on any Native Council/Hapu decision. The Hapu are totally free to exercise their kawa and tikanga without fear of “other legislative body” rules undermining the mana of the Hapu



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