Hapu Process – Tikanga


In this korero snippet, we look at the relationship between Hapu tikanga and the Native Council process within the courts.

We look at the relationship to the settler organisations – councils, police – and the authority of Hapu Native Council.

The strength of this process is that it is built from the ground up, the foundation first, not like others that build the roof first and then allow others to participate. The foundation brings together our unity under 1835. It allows the Hapu / (Native Council) to execute their tikanga into a process of Maori Customary Law, available globally as Customary Law.

This is how we come together in whakaminenga, from the floor up, apply our tikanga and direct the judge to uphold their oath of law and execute Constitutional Law / Customary Law.

Join us today with our selected video excerpt discussing the process of Hapu tikanga in relation to the Native Council, and we hear from Renei with her experience, testimony and application.

12:36 minute duration
Featured on Homepage 2022 Feb 5th – 12th

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